Leader Tips

When Your Group Commitment Ends

As you start to process what’s next for your group, I would encourage you not to get stuck on “what’s the right thing” or “wrong thing” to do here. And please don’t feel any guilt or pressure. The dream is that you hear what God is inviting you and y [...]

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Building Safety

We are now a couple weeks into this group season and I’ve loved hearing feedback from various leaders. A key value of group leadership I've seen making a positive impact centers around creating, fostering and cultivating a safe environment within you [...]

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Not Leading Alone

As we each walk out this season in our individual groups, I wanted to remind everyone that they are not expected to lead alone or to carry the weight of their group all alone. In fact, in the scheme of group leadership, I genuinely believe the more w [...]

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Expecting God To Do Good

As we gear up for our group season, I’d encourage you to be praying and thinking through our theme verse for this upcoming Cannonball series: “I’m not there yet, nor have I become perfect; but I am charging on to gain anything and everything the Anoi [...]

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Our Group Values

We’ve found that it’s a good idea for groups to look at their shared values, expectations, and commitments right off the bat so that every member starts on the same page. At EastLake Church, groups exist to help people group in friendship and faith. [...]

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Your Contribution

As you get closer to the end of the current group season, I wanted to remind you that your effort and commitment is a really big deal. Regardless of how qualified or under-qualified you think you are as a group leader, your investment matters in sign [...]

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Sharing Our Story

In our pursuit to lead groups that experience authentic friendships, I am sharing an activity today that is intended to fuel deeper connection, understanding, and compassion in our groups. If you have been around EastLake groups for a while, you’ll r [...]

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A Multifaceted Group (Part 2)

Another way to help foster friendship in our groups is through serving together. Serving alongside one another moves us outside our normal routine and helps create one more opportunity for friendship to organically grow. In fact, of all the ways grou [...]

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