As we each walk out this season in our individual groups, I wanted to remind everyone that they are not expected to lead alone or to carry the weight of their group all alone. In fact, in the scheme of group leadership, I genuinely believe the more we can see the ways in which others can individually contribute to our group the better.

Not leading alone or not carrying the entirety of the group on your shoulders, can mean a lot of things. For example, this may mean ensuring you proactively have specific group members in charge of various details of group. (At EastLake, we call this “sharing the load”. I have a list of ways you can “share the load” if you need ideas.) This may mean asking a mature group member for feedback on how the group is going or for ideas on ways your group can improve. This could also mean knowing when to reach out to talk to your staff contact to discuss a challenge, idea, or to bounce an idea off of them. This may also mean taking time each week to specifically pray about your group. In my own life this has also meant reading books on topics that could help me grow as a group leader or seeking some level of intentional mentorship.

I understand firsthand each of these steps may come with a real or valid list of challenges. But despite all the legitimate challenges we may encounter, the Bible does invite us to work together on God’s mission. The Bible even tells us like a body with various parts, we are designed with intentional difference that are made to function together. And while I know difference can cause their fair share of challenges, I also have seen unique temperaments, schedules, capacities, personalities, skills, passions, and stories, come together to make a group stronger.

As a leader, I encourage you to set the tone in this area. Even when you aren’t seeing this idea come to life in your group, remain open to opportunities and even the idea of sharing the load. As you lead, look for ways to equip and empower others to contribute in meaningful ways by asking for help, by affirming the gifts you see in others, and allowing others to contribute in unique ways.

Thanks again for helping EastLake Church be a place where people are helping people find and follow Jesus.